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Handmade creativity in divine gourmet nut pastes

My Eden

Dried oily fruits

Dried oily fruits: my passion! And the source of taste for my creations.

The walnut, the almond. They have always been in my heart. I am excited to discover their flavor that is characterizes differently from the origin. Or being surprised by notice that each new crop releases as an indelible imprint.

Today more than ever, oilseeds are considered a concentrated source of wealth for their high content of minerals and vitamins. 

The destinations of taste

Travel through my Eden and discover the destinations of taste of LEBRINUT. They tell of my constant search for raw materials of the highest quality through a journey to enhance  taste, nutritional value, and performance.
Follow me on a journey that will surprise and delight you, through the most beautiful places on Earth in a discovery of the full flavor enclosed into delicious fruits.

This is the passion and search for perfection that make LeBrì Nut the ideal brand for premium ice-cream and spreads.