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Handmade creativity in divine gourmet nut pastes

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With my pure pastes, I enhance the craftsmanship that is hidden behind
a quality ice cream through taste and flavours

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My creams are dedicated to those who approach confectionery as a work of art

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I turn dried fruit into a variety of tasty formulations

Divine Gourmet Nut Pastes

I do not create simple bases for ice cream, but works of art that have the power to communicate emotion, that human sense of fulfilment, happiness, well-being. As an insatiable alchemist of flavours, I produce luxury creations that impress even the most experienced palates.

With exotic flavours such as macadamia, brazil nuts, cashews and pecans and all the most delicious international and luxurious taste temptations. All made in Italy.

A Boutique Style

In LeBrì Nut you will find the style and the attention that only a boutique can put in the creation of its products. LeBrì Nut is born out of the passion for deli products that have made Italian cuisine one of the most delicious and appreciated in the world. LeBrì Nut sources quality and excellence of raw ingredients from all over the world. With a touch of creativity, I give birth to a unique and incomparable taste, capable to satisfy also the most demanding of palates.

LeBrì Nut offers also creative interpretation and unconventional choices, sapiently combining exotic tastes like macadamia, brazil nuts, cashews and pecans with the most traditionally tasting temptations. All made in Italy.


From the innate brio and the desire of biting the life, arises the nickname by which my brothers called me since I was a child: LeBrì. The memory immediately take me to flavour and aromas of my childhood when I followed my father in his own pastry’s laboratory where I used to see him to manage various ingredients expertly.

I learned from him and I inherited the passion for the meticulous research of the ingredients


Artisanal creativity

My ingredients

In a globalized and standardized world, the LeBri Nut products are addressed to an audience that strives for the elegance and exclusivity of dynamic foods while maintaining the savoir-faire traits of past times.

My works are the result of a craftsmanship in choosing, toasting, working on every single fruit, seed, or ingredient.


Tailored made

My creation is a melting pot of tradition, innovative techniques and creativity, where every activity expresses the know-how, where ideas develop into tailored-made works.
I realize exclusive pure, mixed, tender or crispy pastes, based on recipe, for every single customer.



As an insatiable alchemist of flavours, I produce luxurious and unusual creations that impress even the most experienced palates.



Paste Pure

Research of pure taste

With pure pastes I enhance, through tastes and flavours, the craftsmanship that is hidden behind a quality ice cream, so delicious to be above all comparison.

The Creams

The search for taste that conquers

My pastes are ideally dedicated to those who approach patisserie like a work of art, a self-expression such as music, painting, sculpture.

Innovative Creations

Search for innovation

I get my inspiration from a flavour, an ingredient, an emotion.
It's the passion that I have for my profession that drives my curiosity and pushes me to discover new flavours, combinations of flavours and new sensations.

My Eden

Travel through my Eden and discover the destinations of taste of LEBRINUT. They tell of my constant search for raw materials of the highest quality through a journey to enhance taste, nutritional value, and performance.

Certified quality

EXCELLENCE: Supported by a team of specialists in nutrition, I create my products following in person all project phases.

EXCLUSIVITY: For each product I create, I pay great attention to each an every detail, with artisanal dedication and attention to the high quality of the ingredients .

DELUXE: A luxury packaging, with a specific internal doré treatment, specifically designed for pastes that contain sugar or acidic products.

WARRANTY: Each product is accompanied by a technical data sheet and a certificate of analysis. I guarantee an available and quick customer service to respond to any enquiry.