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Handmade creativity in divine gourmet nut pastes

Artisanal creativity

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In a globalized and standardized world, the LeBri Nut products are addressed to an audience that strives for the elegance and exclusivity of dynamic foods while maintaining the savoir-faire traits of past times.

The 100% pure nut pastes and the superfood pastes express the distinctive aspects and unique alchemy that I confer to tailor-made products, with the same care and attention to the details of a tailored-made suit.

A deep knowledge of the hand-craftsmanship of raw ingredients and the culinary art inherited from the past combines in LeBri Nut with the most modern technological rigour. In constant search for high quality ingredients, I propose gourmand pastes following careful processing methods to create a paradise pleasure.

"We do not know of anyone who has managed to seduce with what we had offered to eat;
but there is a long list of those who have seduced by explaining what they were about to eat..."
(Manuel Vázquez Montalbán) 

A Boutique style

In LeBrì Nut you will find the style and the attention that only a boutique can put in the creation of its products. LeBrì Nut is born out of the passion for deli products that have made Italian cuisine one of the most delicious and appreciated in the world.

LeBrì Nut sources quality and excellence of raw ingredients from all over the world. With a touch of creativity, I give birth to a unique and incomparable taste, capable to satisfy also the most demanding of palates.
LeBrì Nut offers also creative interpretation and unconventional choices, sapiently combining exotic tastes like macadamia, brazil nuts, cashews and pecans with the most traditionally tasting temptations. All made in Italy.

“To my customer I do not simply offer a base for ice creams, but a creation that has the power to communicate emotions, and enhance that human sense of fulfilment, happiness, and well-being.”