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Iran Pistachious


[Translate to Inglese:] Pistacchio Iraniano

The pistachio plant is a generous fruit plant, capable of living even in a crack in the rocks with just a handful of soil inside.

The pistachio plant has been cultivated for thousands of years in the regions of Syria and Turkey, where its fruits have always been regarded as a delicacy.

The pistachio is one of the dioecious species, that is it consists of plants with only female flowers and others only with male flowers.

Nutritional Facts

The pistachio has beneficial effects: in China the pistachio is also called "the happy seed", while in Iran it is called "the smiling seed".



[Translate to Inglese:] Pistacchio Iraniano
[Translate to Inglese:] Pistacchio Iraniano
[Translate to Inglese:] Pistacchio Iraniano


Pistachio nuts get a mention in all Iranian literature, stories, beliefs, traditions and rituals such as Norooz (New Iranian Year).
Iranian poets and literary figures have also referred to pistachio nuts in their works. For Iranians no festivities and feasts can be held without pistachios

My choice

Iranian pistachios are distinguishable from Bronte pistachios for their shape, more rounded.

The stronger taste makes them ideal to accompany savory preparations. They lends themselves to a high temperature roasting, thanks to the high unsaturated oil content.

[Translate to Inglese:] Pistacchio Iraniano

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