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Handmade creativity in divine gourmet nut pastes

Innovative Creations

I get my inspiration from a flavor, an ingredient, an emotion. It's the passion that I have for my profession that drives my curiosity and pushes me to discover new flavors, combinations of flavors and new sensations.

On the one hand the classic flavors of ice cream, on the other contemporary interpretation of creation of Italian ice cream. To discover the superfood and wellness pasta that are based on new ideas, techniques and combination of protein seeds for a new way of interpreting the ice cream.
As an insatiable alchemist of flavors, I produce Luxury creation that impress even the most experienced palates.

Wellness Pastes

I like to think of myself as an alchemist, experimenting new techniques or exploring new tastes. Through my creations I interpret the extraordinary variety that nature offers in its unique elements, or in its unrivalled contrasts.

I have been studying the world of plant proteins for a long time because their use is becoming more and more widespread and consumers appreciate them more than ever. These pastes, attractive and nutrient, testify how excellence is intrinsically involved with the study of new ingredients and how functionality is not at the expenses of goodness.

Superfood Pastes

What can you find tastier than a superfood ice cream? If you desire to be innovative and believe that ice creams are a complete food, you cannot miss out on our superfood cream. Unique and energetic tastes, specifically created for those who love innovation.

I started off by work on nuts, and then protein seeds up to the varied world of organic superfoods ingredients and nutraceuticals, such as spirulina, chia seeds or flax seeds, all the way to the yacon of Perù.

Good and functional. Rich in noble proteins, vitamins and minerals. Each of my pastes is created to give life to an ice cream that is in itself evocative of the history, culture and experiences already hidden in the selected ingredients.

Ingenuity, research and creativity to offer a top nutritional ice cream, rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals.