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Handmade creativity in divine gourmet nut pastes

Pure Pastes

With pure pastes I enhance, through tastes and flavors, the craftsmanship that is hidden behind a quality ice cream, so delicious to be above all comparison.

Luxury Collection

Pure IGP e DOP Pastes

“The Luxury Collection” represents the highest expression of my creations that I obtain by enhancing the characteristic features of these fruits protected by the most renowned IGP and DOP certifications. An exaltation of LeBrì Nut philosophy and craftsmanship applied to the production of ice cream pastries worthy for a patissier chef.


Pure authentic taste

Produced thanks to a wise processing, the Essentiel range offers multi-sensory experience capable of synthesizing the concept of "Purity" in a unique tasting feature, the backbone of LeBri Nut style, and at the basis of the highest quality of Italian ice creams.