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Handmade creativity in divine gourmet nut pastes

The Creams

My pastes are ideally dedicated to those who approach patisserie like a work of art, a self-expression such as music, painting, sculpture.

If, as great Chef pâtissiers say, high confectionery is a precision job where the only freedom of creativity is in the search for taste, I aim to achieve the best with my pastes.


Fine Cream

A palette of infinite flavors, where imagination and creativity are the only limit!

Lecrém melt gently in the mouth, intoxicatinf the taste buds. The delicate notes of nuts or other fruits are combined with a delicious cocoa to add a perfect touch to cakes, cookies, and delicious toppings.


Fine crunchy Cream

When pastes meet the passion for gastronomy.
Small crisp pearls smothered in pastes for a pleasant slightly bitter note that meets the sweetness of the wholesome. Every taste superbly tells the essence of each individual fruit. The creaminess of the paste envelops the palate, and grains pralined of nuts are crunchy pearls for every taste.