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Handmade creativity in divine gourmet nut pastes

Quality Card

We are what we repeatedly do: therefore excellence is not an action, but a routine. (Aristotele)

Tailoring excellence, care and knowhow in the choice of ingredients are the founding values of my daily quality act.
My Quality Card is synonym of absolute attention to the product and of an expressed intention to fully satisfy my customers from the beginning.


[Translate to Inglese:] eccellenza

With a team of specialists in nutrition, I create my products, following all the phases of the project, from the research of the best raw materials to the definition of production procedures, because "the attention to detail is my signature."


[Translate to Inglese:] esclusività

I research the best raw materials the world has to offer and delighting myself in the care of each and every detail, with artisanal dedication and attention to the highest quality of the ingredients.


[Translate to Inglese:] deluxe

The jewelry casket of my products is represented by elegant boxes of tinplate, with a specific dorè inner treatment, specifically created for pastes with a sugary or acid base. The container is provided with a metal lever lid, with a gasket for hermetic sealing.


[Translate to Inglese:] garanzia

Each product comes with its own data sheet and certificate of analysis. I guarantee the freshness and purity of all my products. Your order will arrive in excellent condition and quickly thanks to a reliable and fast customer care service, able to respond quickly to any requirement.

- Certifications -

The constant care I use to improve the quality of my products, granting safeness and health to consumers, has allowed me to gain the following certifications:


For my organic agriculture I chose the ICEA certification because it is synonym of supply chain certification both in Italy and on international markets


I act in accordance with Italian and European laws, to ensure the full Food Safety.

Kosher-Beth Din KASHRUT

This symbol appears on over than 13.000 products and 70.000 ingredients constantly monitored through annual inspections.


Because of the complexity and scope of its controls, the Halal certification is interpreted by a growing number of consumers as a safe product warranty.