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Handmade creativity in divine gourmet nut pastes

Tailor made

[Translate to Inglese:] cucito su misura

With tailored-made creations, unique and refined, I re-establish a link with the savoir-faire of past times. Every product is carefully made, as if embroidered by hand, for those who still want to be amazed.

Always searching for new tastes, through an innovative and singular point of view, I translate the request of my customer into a unique creation.

My creation is a melting pot of tradition, innovative techniques and creativity, where every activity expresses the know-how, where ideas develop into tailored-made works.

A personalized experience where every detail and ingredient are searched for and attended to in order to satisfy my customers’ requirements, with a totally Tailored Made approach.

I realize exclusive pure, mixed, tender or crispy pastes, based on recipe, for every single customer. Flavors that range from the traditional ones to the current trends: as a result, all the creations are precious products with great class and personality.

My works are the result of a craftsmanship in choosing, toasting, working on every single fruit, seed, or ingredient. Every creation is the result of a creative work and the attention to the quality of the raw ingredients and the precision of manufacturing.